Monday, September 3, 2007

Flipping disappointment

I was hoping for a snake or at least some centipedes. I wanted to contribute something tropical to Via Negativa's initiative. This is the Congo, after all.

My friend Sonia and I left no rock unturned in her garden (except for one that was too close to an active bee hive) and found close to nothing. The few bugs that we saw, buried themselves before I could take a picture. They were small and brown, sort of looked like tiny roaches. Sonia and I were both surprised at the absence of life under the rocks. She did suggest that N., the driver/avid gardener probably cleans even under the rocks. I'm posting several of our disappointments.

In defense of the Congo I must say that not only Sonia's garden, but Kinshasa in general, is not the most exciting place to flip rocks in the DRC. Maybe next September 2 I'll be somewhere sexier.


Dave said...

Thanks for participating! I think the very fact that your results weren't as exciting as some of those in supposedly more humdrum places than central Africa might cause people to reassess their notions of the exotic.

ale said...

Very good point Dave :) Great initiative you had, BTW.

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